Browser Extension Template

Burak Karakan
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This is a simple starter kit for browser popup extensions using Vue, TailwindCSS, Webpack and more:

- Built with Vue.js.

- Automatically builds code in development mode.

- Vue Router for SPA support.

- Vuex for state management.

- Webpack & PostCSS for the build system.

- PurgeCSS to optimize CSS to have only the used classes in the production build.

- Automatically builds the ZIP file to be uploaded to Chrome and Firefox stores.

Thanks to this template, you'll save hours of your work for a tiny amount of price:

- no need to find most up-to-date libraries and get them work together

- no need to build integration to have an optimized build

- no need to try to install Tailwind and Vue

- no need to spend hours getting auto-building working

- no need to optimize the CSS

Considering all these benefits, this template is going to save you hours of work!

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You'll get a ZIP file that contains the source code and the build instructions.

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Browser Extension Template

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